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What sort o' sailor reads 

No Quarter Given Pirate Magazine?

... those who wish to save historic tall ships do. 

Daily Pilot article about the pirate rally to save the 1916 tall ship Shawnee.  For more information, and to find out how you can help, go to the Save the Shawnee Facebook group page.

Greetings to ya one & all. Pull up a rum keg, and set a-spell. This be the No Quarter Given Web site, the source fer all things piratical. "No Quarter Given" is the clearinghouse for those interested in pirates, privateers & nautical history. Whether ye be interested in the buccaneers and privateers of the Caribbean Sea, the Elizabethan Sea Dogs, the Barbary Corsairs or Laffite's pirates of Barataria, we'll be havin' something of interest to ya.

We bring you the history, lore, romance, & sheer adventure of bein' a pirate or privateer. Check back frequently to this website, as we will be ever changing and growing.

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"The Book of Pirates: A Guide to Plundering, Pillaging, and Other Pursuits"

by Jamaica Rose and Captain Michael Macleod

was published Aug. 2010. It's for ages 8 and up ( so we're hopin' there might be some of our pirate friends who will be able to read it ... and for those who are literacy-challenged, there are lots of pictures). You can buy copies directly from us (complete with our names scrawled within, and even a personal message, if you wish).

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Pirates Rally to Support Shawnee and boat restorer Dennis Holland 

The bow of Shawnee as she is being restored in Newport Beach, CA.

New Pages added to the NQG Website

Piracy in the News

Constantly updated list of news articles about pirates, tall ships, and historical nautical concerns.


Piratizing Our Land-Going Vessels

Piratical personalize license plates and more.


Captain Flint and Long John Silver, Rodents of Fortune, the PyRATs of No Quarter Given, wish to announce they now have their own FACEBOOK page.

Stop by, enjoy some time with them in "The Dead Cat" tavern, enjoy some rum and cheese nibbles,
and have a little conversation.

We were Interviewed for a CBC Radio Show 

As It Happens

Aired Thursday, October 30, 2008

The interview starts at the 21st minute of Part 1.  About 9 minutes long.


We're Quoted in the New York Times 

Can I Get an Arrgh?

Published in Sunday, October 24, 2008


Announcing the

After being contacted many times over the years by people looking for professional Pirates, No Quarter Given has formed it's own acting/stunt group. If you need properly costumed and trained extras for your Pirate Epic, or just a few Piratical lads and Lasses to spice up that event, then you've come ta the right place. Step inside, me buccko, and we'll show you what we can do for you



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Pirates in Paradise Festival 2002, Key West, Florida 
North Carolina Blackbeard Festival 2002
Pirates in Paradise Festival 2001, Key West, Florida
Hampton Blackbeard Festival 2001, Hampton, Virginia
Visit to Jamaica & Port Royal, 2001
Pirates in Paradise Festival 2000, Key West, Florida
Pirate Exhibit:  Virtual tour of the "Pirates!  In Story & History" 
exhibit at the San Diego Maritime Museum, 2001\
Making of "Quest for Captain Kidd" - December 2000
Horatio Hornblower Sea Battles 1999 -  Eight cities celebrate the A&E movie
San Juan Capistrano Mission 1998  - Pirate Invasion
"Discovery & Piracy in the Colonies" - Our 1998 East Coast travels.
"Clash of the Tall Ships II"- battle action from Long Beach Harbor
Sea Battle at the 1997 Dana Point Tall Ships Festival
Key West "Pirates in Paradise" Festival 1997 - photos of a grand event

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